Cupping Therapy

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

What does Cupping Therapy do? It releases toxins and breaks down adhesions in the muscles. Cupping also helps with soreness/stiffness and frozen tissues issues, as well as range of motion and much much more.

cupping set

Week 1 Update (November 19th, 2018) Client A

Follow client A in her road to recovery! We will be posting updates weekly for each of her visits!

1st Cupping Session

Client Response

"Every week I will blog the results of my cupping session. Things that can be learned for the ones who don't know. Massage who doesn’t like a massage? I LOVE massage it makes me feel so good and relaxed. I only knew of it as a delicious decant splurge! Little did I know what would happen to me and I would learn Massage is also a source of natural healing. I was hit from behind in my car at a stop light (this is a second time this has happened to me) and was jolted very hard. I received whiplash and back injuries and had to begin physical therapy. My physical therapist suggested I get cupping massages done as an add on to my therapy. I didn’t know a thing about cupping but said if it helps me I’m willing to try it. My therapist suggested A Plus Massages so I called and scheduled a Cupping Massage and I got a wonderful therapist by the name of Sharon. I am always sore and hurting and I do not like to take drugs because I like to keep my system pure and feel drugs mask the problem it doesn’t fix it. My cupping massage was simply interesting and a little bit scary at first. Sharon was patient and explained everything while she was doing it and while it did sting the results were amazing. My shoulders and lower back are always painful and my range of motion has been limited. Things I use to do easily are now painful. Laying on my side at night is a challenge and I usually sleep on my side. Getting up and down out of a chair if a challenge and I look like 100 -year old person doing it. Getting on the massage table by myself was a bit of a challenge. Fast forward to after my first cupping experience an I was able to get off the table with no assistance and very little pain. Turning to left and right was much less painful. Getting up and down out of a chair was much easier to do. Sharon suggested a 6- week course of treatment in conjunction with my PT. I am going to blog about my progression though this journey with the cupping. I must say after my first treatment I would recommend this to anyone. She also used hot stones on me which in my reading about taught me many things. I can honestly say if things keep progressing the way they are I will continue to do this even after my treatment is finished. Yes, it does sting it does pass and its nothing compared to the pain I have. The cupping also leaves little round bruises that are not pretty to look at but are gone after a day or two so its not permanent. Sharon asked me if she could take pictures and share with all of you and I said yes as long as my face and my identity was kept private. Hopefully, my journey will educate you and help me improve and encourage you to have it done to you


Week 2 Update (December 18th) Client A

No Pain! No Gain!

Cupping on Back

Client Response

“I must say my first cupping week I loved and it and couldn’t wait for week 2. What I noticed after the first session was the cup bruising that stayed but it all went away within a few days, so it was well worth it just from the benefits gained. I drank 8 glasses of water after my first session as recommended by my cupping therapist to aid in flushing the toxins from my system. The rewards were great, and I noticed I wasn’t as in as much pain in my movements as before I went to here. I was able to twist my hips fully and I hadn’t been able to do that in a long time without intense pain.

So here I am at week 2 and so excited to see what gains I make this time. I love massage always have and always will. I was very excited to have my next cupping session and I must be honest I loved it but hated it and I will explain. In week one there was mild discomfort while she was applying the cups. A mild stinging sensation that went away. In session two all I can say it was painful as she worked the cups over my skin loosening the knots and tightness in my body. When she finally applied the cup to set there was stinging and it did go away. As I laid on the table, I thought, what is wrong with me. It wasn’t like this last time. I went through my treatment and yes it was painful but nothing I couldn’t tolerate. The gains I made were amazing. I was able to jump off the table without help. My headache that has been steady was much better. While I found it very painful, I felt better than I had in a long time even better than the first time! My back was not as tight, and I could move my hips even better than after the first session! Suffice to say the little bit of pain I experienced for the gains I made were well worth it.

Stay tuned for week 3 while I’m excited about it and looking forward to it I also fear it! However, I can say with 100% conviction I would recommend this to everyone I feel so good like I haven’t in years!”

Cupping on Feet

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