Do you consider massage therapy a luxury?  Most people seem to think it is because there is a cost associated.  In actuality, massage is not a luxury and is a very important supplement to continuing great health. Note:  all necessities as well as luxuries have cost involved.  The cost for feeling great is unlimited when it comes to health.  We spend money on wants all the time and sometimes take for granted that our body needs to be taken care of as well.  Have you ever been at work and noticing yourself rubbing the back of your neck?  Have you ever decided to stop and stretch because your body felt a little tight?  Those muscle constrictions do not go away after just a stretch or a rub, they build as most adhesion's do.  Massage therapist know where to find the issue and help you achieve resolution so that you can feel brand new again.
 What most people do not know about massage therapy is that licensed massage therapist study the muscles and understand which muscles are causing the issues you are having.  Most of us are either working at a desk most of the day or either some very physical repetitious position which would definitely affect your well being over time.  These things need to be treated similar to other personal desires or needs.  Massage is a need versus a luxury.  At A Plus Massages we understand that which is why we make affordable plans just for you, customized massages just for you, and free wellness tracking plans just for you.  The most excellent part of our wellness programs here in our office (known as: VALUE PLANS) is the ability to share with other friends or family who need relaxation or many common muscle related issues resolved.

Learning that massage is not just for one defined group of people but for all groups of people young and old, take the time to make you feel good and not just your appearance. It is what our body needs often to keep us at our finest.  Give us a call to speak to one of our licensed massage therapist today to answer any questions you may have about what massage can do for you.  Click the link below to learn more about reasons to get a massage from the AMTA.

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